6th Grade - Homework for Science - Term I

ASSIGNMENT: Find characteristic images of Peru, that could help you describe your country, its culture and geography, email them to me at: glazaro@sanjorge.edu.pe . The best pictures will be selected to participate in a Voicethread international collaborative project with students from New York, USA.

Deadline: Monday, April 27th

E-Portfolio: Investigate what species are endangered in Peru, select 10 and determine their taxonomy following the modern classification system.
Publish it in your wiki. Just remember: CITE your SOURCES of INFORMATION, and USE YOUR OWN WORDS.
Deadline: Monday, April 20th.

OPTIONAL: Investigate about any, or all, the following topics and correlate it with your knowledge about bacteria and protists combined with it in your wiki based on the reading of the corresponding articles:
Publish it in your Wiki. Deadline: Monday, April 20th

E-Portfolio OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT: Find out the day the UN selected to celebrate the world importance of Water, and investigate the main chemical properties of the molecule of water. Publish in your own wiki, following the regular indications, USE YOUR OWN WORDS, CITE YOUR SOURCES OF INFORMATION. Deadline: Monday, March 23rd

March 24th: Complete your publication in your wiki about the theories of Life Generation. Answer the following questions:
1. What are the Theories of Life Generation?
2. How were these theories proved right and wrong?
3. Choose the theory you consider correct. Justify your answer.

March 11th: GROUP WORK: Find a problem/question to solve, research information, formulate a hypothesis, design an experiement and "test" (using the imagination and knowledge of the group members) your experiment, analyze results and draw conclusions.
The best group work will be done in the lab as a regular lab activity.