Author: Gerardo LAZARO
Subject: Biology
Deadline: Monday, June 29th

You'll find here most of the information you'll need to proceed with this webquest.
For this webquest, you'll have to navigate through the resources pages and collect the information you consider important for the following steps:
1. Describe the main properties and characteristics of the 4 most important biomolecules:
2. Prepare a Web Diagram connecting the biomolecules, considering: structure, properties, functions, etc.
3. Determine and describe the main disease related to biomolecules.
4. Describe at least one disease present in your family that is related to biomolecules.
5. Optional: Describe the work of Stanley Prusiner and establish its relation with the biomolecules.
Search information, select the data according to the questions to answer, summarize the resources and use your E-Portfolio Wiki to publish the results of this webquest.
These are some of the web resources you can follow to complete your webquest assignment. It is SUGGESTED to search and use more web resources if you do not find all the necessary information to complete the assignment.

This webquest will be evaluated with the following criteria:
1. Compliance with the deadline.
2. Completion of the requested assignment.
3. Completion of the optional part.
I hope this webquest helps you understand the importance of biomolecules in your daily life.